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    Anti Corrosion Products

    Severe localised corrosion can lead to catastrophic failure of engineered components. These failures can potentially be prevented by a combination of correct design, material selection and surface treatment (coatings) found in our anti-corrosion products. The correct choice of coating and substrate pre-treatment are critical. Many factors need to be considered, including:

    • Substrate material (Crystal structure, grain boundary composition, surface condition)
    • Dissimilar metals
    • Environmental conditions
    • Chemical exposure
    • Temperature exposure
    • Wear, galling or fretting potential
    • Stressed areas
    • Time of exposure
    • UV
    • Design weaknesses – crevices, sharp edges, welds

    At E/M Coating Services we have worked with design engineers for the last four decades advising on the most suitable form of anti-corrosion protection in all industries and we offer a wide range of solutions including:

    • PROCOAT100™ – Self healing, high performance anti-corrosion system
    • Anti-corrosion Paints / Subsea paints: International paints, Sigma Coatings, Amercoat, Carboline
    • Zinc/aluminium flake coatings: Atotech, Deltatone
    • Zinc coatings: Zinga, Zinga Ceram
    • Thin film anti-corrosion coatings and DFLs: EverSlik 1201, EverSlik 1301, Xylan 1070, Xylan 1424, Xylan 1425.

    For more information about our range of anti-corrosion products please contact us.


    26th October 2018

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