Chemical and Environment Resistant Coatings

Modern demands on engineered coatings are extensive as the components that the coatings are applied to typically operate in a variety of extreme and harsh environments. Such environments can include high temperatures, abrasive scenarios, corrosive chemicals and even nuclear radiation.

E/M Coating Services offer a range of chemical and environment resistant solutions that are designed to withstand exposure to these elements and they include the following:

Chemical Resistant Products

Our product range is extensive and includes the following coatings, however, if you require specific advice or technical guidance on which application would be the most suitable for your industry, then please contact our experienced engineers to discuss your coating requirements:



Epoxy Coatings

A high performing chemically resistant coating that is self-priming and hydrophobic, offering corrosion protection and good abrasion resistance. It is particularly suited to industrial usage, including offshore oil and gas, where hydrophobic barrier epoxies are usually specified below the splashline.


Phenolic Coatings

These coatings are resistant to a number of chemicals including hydrochloric acid, phenol and carbon tetrachloride among others. They are usually used in low ph environments that are subjected to high temperatures, although they can be used for a large number of applications.


Flouropolymers (PVDF / ECTFE) Coatings

A blend of high performance resin and fluoropolymer lubricant that produces a smooth hard surface which provides excellent corrosion and chemical resistant properties. Additional benefits of this coating include reduced friction, resistance to galling, non stick, non wetting, electrical and abrasion resistance.


Nylon Coatings

A nylon coating is formulated by using a combination of castor oil and resins. It is highly resistant to abrasion and chemicals specifically oils and solvents. In addition it is environmentally friendly and due to its non-contaminant features it is used extensively in the water industry.


Ceramic metallic Coatings

These coating systems combine excellent galvanic protection with a tough ceramic binder. Typically aluminium based, they are burnished once cured, to achieve a desired level of conductivity. These coatings can then we top coated in a low friction PTFE coating if required.


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